How to write out of office message for maternity leave?

Thank you for considering a maternity leave out of office message! As you know, maternity leave is an invaluable time for new mothers to rest and recuperate. However, due to the current political climate, many businesses are finding that their employees cannot take time off work at the same time.

If you’re unable to take your leave during the traditional time frame, it’s still important to plan an out of office message. Below are some tips for writing a message that will be both professional and supportive:

Start by thanking your employees for their dedication and commitment during your pregnancy and maternity leave. Address any concerns or questions they may have about returning to work.

Include information about how your company will support employees who are unable to take time off work, such as continuing medical coverage or childcare resources.

Thank your employees for their understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Let them know you hope they’ll be able to take advantage of future maternity leaves.

Here are some tips on how to write out of office message for maternity leave:

Keep it Short and Concise

Keep your out of office message concise and to the point. avoid going into too much detail about the company or your role.

Keep it Personal

Make sure your out of office message is personal and focuses on your individual situation.

Include Images and Links

Include images and links to relevant company information and your social media profiles.

Keep it Honest

Make sure your out of office message is honest and respects your employees’ time off.

Keep it Respectful

Do not forget to be respectful of your employees’ time off and their need to recuperate.

What is Out of Office Message?

An out of office message is a communication to your employees that you are not in the office and that you will be unavailable for email or phone communication. Out of office messages can be sent either electronically or in writing.

What Does an Out of Office Message Include?

An out of office message is a brief, written communication sent to an individual’s work email or contact list when that person is not available to respond to emails or phone calls. It typically includes the individual’s name, title, and office location. Out of office messages are often used to let colleagues know that the person is unavailable for a specific period of time and should not be disturbed. They can also be used to update colleagues on an individual’s current whereabouts.

When Should an Out of Office Message Be Sent?

An out of office message can be sent at any time. However, it is customary to send out an out of office message at least two weeks in advance of when you plan on being unavailable, so that your colleagues have time to plan for your absence.

What is the Date?

The date should be the day/date your leave begins and the date you will return.

How Do I Draft an Out of Office Message?

When a woman goes through the experience of childbirth, she is usually very grateful to have family around to support her. After the baby is born, many mothers want to resume their regular lives as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some mothers find themselves unable to return to work right away due to post-partum depression or other medical conditions.

In these situations, it is often a good idea for the boss to let the mother know that she will not be returning from maternity leave for a specific period of time. This will give the mother some sense of control and allow her to focus on her health and new baby. It is also important for the boss to set expectations with regard to when the mother plans on returning from leave. If she plans on taking longer than expected, it might be helpful for the boss to provide additional support in order to help her adjust back into work.

There are a few ways to go about drafting an out of office message. You can either draft it ahead of time or you can write it as you are returning from your leave.

Here are some tips on how to write out of office message for maternity leave:

1. Begin your message by expressing your gratitude to the mother for giving birth to a healthy baby. Let her know that you are grateful for her time off and that you will do everything in your power to make sure she is able to resume work as soon as possible.

2. Make sure to set expectations with the mother. Tell her when you expect her back at work and what specific duties she should be taking on while she is away. It is also important to set a schedule for when she will be able to check in with you or answer any questions that might come up during her absence.

3. Address any outstanding issues or questions that need clarification before the mother resumes work. This will help ensure that everything is running smoothly when she returns.

4. Offer any support resources that might be needed, such as temporary staffing or guidance on how to handle any workplace changes while the mother is away.

5. Thank the mother again for taking the time off and tell her how much you appreciate it.


With these tips, you will be able to write the perfect out of office message for maternity leave. Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope you find it helpful.

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