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This is the official website to the In re Subway Footlong Sandwich Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation. For everyone’s information, Rust Consulting Inc. operates and maintains this website. This is the only authorized website regarding this settlement, therefore, claimants can rely on this page for accurate information and updates regarding the lawsuit. Readers are encouraged to exercise discretion when getting information from other sites claiming to present correct and truthful information about this matter.

This is in relation to a class action lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs claiming that there was a wrongful advertisement of the Subway footlong sandwiches since they were not really twelve inches long. They claimed that this happened between January 1, 2003, and October 2, 2015. The defendant, in this case, is the Doctor’s Associates Inc., whom the plaintiffs claimed engaged in fraudulent and deceptive advertising, sales, and marketing concerning the Subway footlong sandwiches because, in reality, the footlong sandwiches were not 12 inches in length when measured. The Doctor’s Associates Inc are the franchisors of Subway restaurants. The plaintiffs said that the Doctor’s Associates Inc. spread the wrong information through their advertisements on the internet, television, magazines, and other print ads. The defendant has also availed of the services of celebrities, personalities, and athletes to endorse this product. This is of grave concern especially since Subway is a leading sandwich brand worldwide and this false advertisement affects its customers all over the world. Since the footlong sandwiches are actually shorter than 12 inches or one foot, the customers are not really getting what they are paying for.

Thus, the plaintiffs demand that the Doctor’s Associates Inc. stop their misleading advertisements and manage the expectations of their customers responsibly. They also ask to obtain equitable and injunctive relief for all the customers who purchased the Subway footlong sandwiches within the stated period.

This is filed under Case No. 2: 13-md-02439-LA under Judge Lynn Adelman. The plaintiffs’, who are from different regions of the United States, consolidated their class action complaint and it is filed under “In Re: Subway Footlong Sandwich Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation.”

This website will present to you all you need to know about the court proceedings, notices, important documents regarding the case. Relevant court documents pertaining to the case include Plaintiffs’ Consolidated Class Action Complaint, Settlement Agreement and Release, Order Preliminarily Approving Class Action Settlement Agreement and Certifying the Settlement Class, and Class Counsel’s Petition for Service Awards, Attorney’s Fees, and Costs. Rust Consulting Inc. hopes to give light to the people’s burning questions about this lawsuit.

Plaintiffs and other concerned groups and individuals can also know the important dates to remember regarding the processing of the case. Please be reminded that you can file an objection not later than December 6, 2015. Court hearings will commence on January 15, 2016, at exactly 10:30 in the morning at the United States District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the hearings so open up your doors from and be enlightened about this lawsuit.

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