I am also a victim of the Doctor’s Associates Inc.’s false advertisement. They even used my favorite athlete to promote their healthy footlong subs. I was very excited to buy my favorite sandwich from Subway. I fell in line and paid for the sandwich that I ordered but when I got it, I was disappointed because it was definitely shorter than one foot! As I understand, a footlong sub should measure 12 inches that’s why I took out my measuring tape when I got home to see if my suspicion was correct. Lo and behold, it was only 10inches when I measured it. I took a picture as proof and even posted it on my Facebook account to let others know about this deception. Apparently, I was not the only victim as one by one my friends commented their own experiences and they also measured their subway sandwiches to prove that they were shorter than 12 inches. Some got 10 inches while others got 11 inches but no one among us got a 12-inch sub. What a disappointment! Subway should just rename their sandwiches and do not claim that they are a foot long when they so obviously are not. As a consumer, I take offense because I feel like they have been deceiving me all along. That’s my hard earned money that I used to buy that sandwich and it is really disappointing to be shortchanged on the value of my money. (Barry of Illinois)

After basketball practice, my friends and I decided to buy Subway footlong sandwiches since we were really hungry already. One of my friends jokingly said that he got a shorter sandwich. We would not have taken it seriously but it so happened that one of our teammates had a ruler with him and measured each of our sandwiches. We were surprised to find out that our footlong subs were actually shorter than 12 inches. We told the store supervisor about it but he just said that their bread came in standard sizes and that was the bread they used for their footlong subs. Since we could not get a decent answer from Subway, we decided to file this case because there are many consumers like us who are not aware of this deception all along. At least now, we have a proper venue to ask Subway to correct their product description so that customers can manage their expectations. (Charles of New Jersey)

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