There are laws that protect consumers from false advertising and other deceptive marketing and sales practices. This is important so that consumers will not fall victims to producers, manufacturers, and advertisers who take advantage of other people. They do not put the customers’ best interests in the forefront.

Customers are the main reason for the success of their products and services. Their continuous patronage help producers attain victories and triumphs. That is why it is only proper that consumers and customers are protected by the law by all means. They are entitled to truthful advertising so that they can make informed choices when deciding to avail of the products and services. In fact, authorities even recommended advertisers to present scientific evidence if available. Detailed information about the nutritional content, side effects, and other precautions should be available in the packaging of the products and services.

Product and service advertisements are available everywhere.  There are promotions in different websites, television commercials, newspapers and magazines, and print ads posted in the subway, bus station, malls, and groceries. These advertisements are meant to reach as many target consumers as possible. And that is okay if the content is really true and beneficial to the customers. However, there are false advertisements that give wrong information to the people. This can affect the decision of the customers to avail of the product or service. They can be urged to buy a product because they thought it would give them health benefits or it supports their advocacies when in reality, it does not.

The Federal Trade Commission oversees laws that protect consumers against false and deceptive advertising.  They implement laws and regulations that advance the consumers’ rights and interests. They work with different government agencies to educate consumers and customers and to investigate and bring to court those companies and individuals found engaging in false advertising. This is in line with the government’s thrust to safeguard and advance the rights of customers and consumers amidst the different products and services available in the market.

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